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Tough days ahead for Merkel

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Critical Analytical Note: Critical Analytical Note

Legality of Hyperlinks

Legality of Hyperlinks

I, for one, while writing, picture the intended audience and the beneficiaries (wishful thinking). This article talks about the legality of hyperlinks, taking a leap from trademarks we jump to the next but a slightly tangled trajectory of Intellectual property Law. Copyrights are about ideas, they say ideas are bullet proof but with all my […]

Preliminary decree in partition suit and role of Commissioner

Preliminary decree in partition suit and role of Commissioner

In a partition suit, preliminary decree is passed. An execution petition is filed by the plaintiff before the court. Court allows for it and appoints a commissioner in furtherance of the same. However, objections are filed against the execution of the decree and for the recall of preliminary decree, by the defendant. Court allows for […]

Filing for trademark in India

Filing for trademark in India

In today’s materialistic world where intangible standards of quality such as the goodwill and the brand value of a certain product matter than the tangible quality of the product itself, when the common folk, the youth, dances to the tunes of wakhra swag shunning the idea of running after the brand tags but savagely contradicting […]

Material alterations to a Cheque

Material alterations to a Cheque

We received multiple requests to consider doing a post on material alterations to a Cheque than confining ourselves to just alterations in the signature. In this post we look at various issues that arise out of altering a Cheque…let’s get started! What constitutes material alteration of a Cheque once it has been signed? What changes […]

Cheque bounce Case (Altered presumption of acquittal by sessions court)

Cheque bounce Case (Altered presumption of acquittal by sessions court)

Now let’s alter the presumption. Presumption here is that Sessions court has acquitted the individual after he was convicted by the trial court. In case of acquittal by session court, section 378 of CrPC will come into play. Under sub-section 4, a private individual may by an application made to HC ask for grants special leave […]


Three days after a German-Iranian teenager killed nine people in Munich along with other incidents involving asylum seekers, there seems to be outrage in Germany over Merkel’s ‘open door policy’. These incidents come soon after the Nice attack, carried out by the so-called ISIS. While the perpetrators, their methods were different in most of the cases, these incidents will trouble the temporary calm that has set in over the role of migrants in Germany.

After initial political backlash over the inflow of migrants into Germany, the politics over migrants partly subsided. Merkel’s decision to accept asylum seekers from Syria fleeing the conflict back at home led to a massive increase in refugees in Germany. Though the Germans initially accepted Merkel’s policy but there was some sort of anxiety expressed by people over the social, economic and political impact of receiving thousands of migrants. This policy hurt the popularity of the ruling government and increased the popularity of the anti-immigration party Alternate for Deutschland.

So the question that arises is whether how the background of these attackers relevant and what impact will it have on Germany?

The German government has already attempted to deflect the background of attackers by saying that the possibility of an attacker being from a refugee background is less than an attacker among the general population. Though Germany hasn’t suffered a massive terrorist attack like one in Paris and Nice, but that doesn’t mean Germany isn’t a target. The Jihadists who were held up after retuning have reportedly said that the recruiters were keen on targeting Germany. Experts say that Germany isn’t prone to attacks on a massive scale till now because Germany’s Muslim population is of Turkish origin and while there are Turkish Jihadists present, but attacks are usually an Arab thing.

The attacks over the past week is going to fuel Merkel’s opponent specially the AFD whose slogan is “We told you” referring to attacks where the accused involved was a refugee or a Muslim. To mitigate the influx of migrants and refugees, the EU struck a deal with Turkey over returning the migrants back to Turkey and screening of asylum seekers therein but now it also appears in jeopardy as Turkey is in deep political crisis since the past week over the failed Military coup which led to crackdown on the opposition, with EU members threatening Turkey to end the negotiations over its application to become a member of the EU if it doesn’t follow the rule of law. Germany is in the awkward position, should it tell Turkey to follow the rule of law and at the same time respect the migration agreement.

The regional elections in Berlin in September will be an indicator of the popularity of the ruling Merkel’s party and the AFD. If Merkel’s party performs poorly, then she will be under tremendous pressure to toughen her stance on the open border policy and will also affect other issues like how to manage the Eurozone etc. No matter what happens in September, it is going to be a tough time for Germany over the next few years.

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