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Critical Analytical Note: Critical Analytical Note

Legality of Hyperlinks

Legality of Hyperlinks

I, for one, while writing, picture the intended audience and the beneficiaries (wishful thinking). This article talks about the legality of hyperlinks, taking a leap from trademarks we jump to the next but a slightly tangled trajectory of Intellectual property Law. Copyrights are about ideas, they say ideas are bullet proof but with all my […]

Preliminary decree in partition suit and role of Commissioner

Preliminary decree in partition suit and role of Commissioner

In a partition suit, preliminary decree is passed. An execution petition is filed by the plaintiff before the court. Court allows for it and appoints a commissioner in furtherance of the same. However, objections are filed against the execution of the decree and for the recall of preliminary decree, by the defendant. Court allows for […]

Filing for trademark in India

Filing for trademark in India

In today’s materialistic world where intangible standards of quality such as the goodwill and the brand value of a certain product matter than the tangible quality of the product itself, when the common folk, the youth, dances to the tunes of wakhra swag shunning the idea of running after the brand tags but savagely contradicting […]

Material alterations to a Cheque

Material alterations to a Cheque

We received multiple requests to consider doing a post on material alterations to a Cheque than confining ourselves to just alterations in the signature. In this post we look at various issues that arise out of altering a Cheque…let’s get started! What constitutes material alteration of a Cheque once it has been signed? What changes […]

Cheque bounce Case (Altered presumption of acquittal by sessions court)

Cheque bounce Case (Altered presumption of acquittal by sessions court)

Now let’s alter the presumption. Presumption here is that Sessions court has acquitted the individual after he was convicted by the trial court. In case of acquittal by session court, section 378 of CrPC will come into play. Under sub-section 4, a private individual may by an application made to HC ask for grants special leave […]


July 20th was a usual day for Indian Politics. The BJP’s vice president in Uttar Pradesh made a remark on Mayawati. He compared her to a prostitute. This remark sparked a riot among the politicians in the country and he faced multiple attacks in form of his remarks being labeled as sexist, cheap etc.

What the leader meant by his remark was that even a prostitute sells her service for a fee and the same goes for Mayawati, who sells the party ticket for a sum of money to whosoever quotes the highest price. It’s unquestionable that what the BJP’s VP for UP said isn’t expected from a person of this caliber and post. However the damage has been done and important question at this stage is whether what are the consequences going to be for the BJP?

The timing of the remark is pretty damaging for the BJP. With protests in Gujarat over beating of few Dalit men accused of cutting of the skin from a dead cow and with no police action in the case, the party is being labeled as anti-Dalit. Though there was some damage control by the party with the arrest of accused persons, but the steps taken to control the damage were given a blow by the party’s UP VP when he made his remark against the BSP politburo. To many Dalits, Mayawati isn’t just a leader but a God, because she is credited with uplifting their status in the society and much more. With the remarks made against her and the beating of the Dalits accused of killing the cow, BJP is caught in the cleft. It has to appease both, the upper caste Hindu’s by protecting the cow and the Dalits, by co-opting the Ambedkar’s ideology.

The effect of this scathing remark might be seen in the upcoming UP elections where the Dalit votes matter and with BJP is thought of as being an upper caste party. These remarks are further going to solidify the stereotype. Perhaps, the party is in disarray. This is clearly evident from the manner in which the party removed the VP from his post and then expelled him for 6 years from the party.

The party is left vulnerable from all sides. For instance, in the instant case the VP, Dayashankar Singh, a key Thakur leader of the BJP who was expected to garner votes in eastern UP; his removal has led to hostility towards the Dalits in UP, with the party keen to defuse the tension. However, such action has simply lead to antagonizing the Thakurs.

The treatment meted out to one of the most prominent Thakur leader by the BJP is not going to go down well with the upper caste community. In the eyes of upper caste voters, many think that what he said wasn’t something wrong. This is perhaps due to age old prejudices. Despite all one thing is certain, this will further dent the prospects of the BJP in the upcoming state elections.

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